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Introducing Supermatic
Blog News
Introducing Supermatic

To our community of family, friends, and clients …

You might be here because of an email you just received, or perhaps you tried to visit our old site and got redirected. Either way, whatever path led you here, welcome!


For the past 7 years, all of you came to know (and hopefully love us) as ‘Sets Machine’, or by our alternative moniker, ‘Fulcrum’. As some of you may already know — for the past year we’ve been silently working on dissolving both of our former identities down into one. A few of the reasons eluding to the imminent change were that many aspects of our business, projects, and most importantly our team had drastically transformed over the past couple of years. With this change came a dire need to completely reevaluate who we were as a company, our vision, and ultimately our overall identity.


It was a unanimous decision for us to move forward with formally overhauling the external shell that no longer fit nor aligned with our evolving aspirations. However, this isn’t about a superficial name change, logo swap, and new website. We’ve tried that once before, and it was outgrown just as quickly as it was conceptualized. This time we were sure to dive a little deeper than previous with the hopes of creating something that fully embodied our best work from years past, captured all of the change we’d undergone and felt like something that we could continue to grow into for the foreseeable future.


With that being said,

…it’s with the utmost pleasure that we introduce you to Supermatic! 

Many of our products and services will remain true to our past but will come with a significant level of refinement. Other components we’ve completely reinvented, in order to ensure we’re executing at the highest of standards. Lastly, we’re also elated to announce that we’ve opened an entirely new portal to the business by offering full technical production as a service.

We’d like to thank you for all of your support through the years and can’t wait to embark with you all on this new venture.


Thank you,


– The Supermatic Team –